Why you're not taking action

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt stuck when it comes to working on your weight loss goals. It’s like, even though you want to, you just can’t seem to do the things you know you should be doing to lose weight.

You have good intentions. But you also find yourself regularly thinking things like “I’m just not motivated today,” or “I know what to do, I just can’t make myself do it,” and before you know it you’ve spent another night snacking on junk food and avoiding the gym.

Day after day you stay stuck. You start to feel defeated, and slowly the thoughts creep in like why can’t I just get my shit together already?!

To understand why you aren’t taking action, you must understand that it is your emotions fueling your actions (or, in this case, inaction) and your thinking driving your emotions (for a review of this concept, I recommend checking out this recent post).

What we focus on, grows. Our thoughts create our emotions. Our emotions drive our actions. Our actions determine our results.

The truth is, if you’re not taking consistent action to reach your weight loss goals, there’s a good chance you’re indulging in unhelpful thoughts and emotions - confusion, overwhelm, doubt, or indecision to name a few.

Think about it. If on some level you’re telling yourself you’re not quite sure what will work to lose weight, or there’s too many changes you need to make and you don’t know where to start, or it will be too hard to lose weight, then of course you’re going to feel overwhelmed, confused, and doubtful about your ability to get the results you want. And when you feel this way, why on earth would you feel motivated to keep going? You wouldn’t!

The tough part is, sometimes we aren’t even aware of our own limiting thoughts and beliefs. We are so used to our own thought patterns - after all it is our engrained thinking that generated our current results - that we can’t see how it’s holding us back (side note, this is why coaching is SO helpful and why I recommend booking your free coaching mini session to get clear on the thoughts keeping you stuck).

The key to getting unstuck, then, is first to uncover the thoughts and feelings holding you back. For this (aside from coaching), I recommend journaling. Do a stream on consciousness. What comes up for you when you think about losing weight? Write it all down, don’t hold anything back.

Once you’re aware of your current thoughts and beliefs, only then can you work on intentionally choosing new thoughts that generate the emotions you want and need to feel to take action, and to practice thinking and feeling these new thoughts and emotions on purpose.

Stay committed to tuning into your thoughts and emotions, practice over and over thinking and feeling on purpose, and you WILL get unstuck and on your way to reaching your goals!

Want to take this work to the next level?

Schedule your free 20 minute mini session and receive personalized coaching to help you break through the things keeping you stuck and finally reach and maintain your goal weight.


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