5 reasons why you need a life coach, not another diet

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If you’ve ever started a new diet, you know how exciting the fresh start can feel.

This time I’m going to crush it and I’ll finally lose the weight, take control of my eating, and feel confident and sexy and on top of the world!

And yet, I’m sure you also know how quickly that excitement fades. A few days in as the novelty wears off and your motivation dips, you start feeling deprived and missing your fave foods, and you begin to talk yourself into “just one little treat.”

A little bit won’t hurt -- you tell yourself. A pint of Ben & Jerry’s later and you’re beating yourself up for falling off the wagon, having no willpower, and not being able to follow through...again. You start to spiral into a cycle of frustration, shame, and self-loathing (coupled with lots of overeating of course), until you find the next best diet that promises to be different and fix the problem once and for all.

As alluring as a new diet can be, it’s always the same story because diets don’t work.

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So what’s a smart savvy woman like yourself to do?

As a holistic nutritionist and life coach, I’m here to tell you, you don’t need another diet…

you need a life coach

Here are 5 reasons why life coaching, not dieting, is the answer to taking control of your eating and creating the body, health, and confidence you deserve.

1. A life coach will help you get to the reason why you’re overeating.

Rather than just slapping a band aid on it (ahem, another diet), and hoping for the best, when you work with a life coach you’ll be able to identify your triggers and understand what’s causing you to overeat. As they say, awareness is the first step toward change.

2. A life coach will help you understand how your mind plays tricks on you to justify overeating + help you uncover your own bullshit.

Those stories you’ve told yourself - everything from how one tiny bite won’t hurt to how you have no willpower to how you’ll never be able to lose weight so you might as well just eat the box of cookies anyway - they’re all just stories. And once you realize that you get to decide on purpose what you want to believe, you get the power to rewrite those stories to ones that actually make you feel good and align with your goals and the reality you want to create for yourself!

3. A life coach will help you deal with all the stuff that’s left when you aren’t using food to avoid your emotions.

This is a biggie for so many of the clients I’ve worked with. So often we turn to food when we’re tired, stressed, anxious, or even just bored. The hard part is not NOT overeating, the hard part is dealing with those emotions once you are no longer using food to numb out. Luckily, doing the inner work to handle all the stuff that comes up for you is what life coaching is all about.

4. A life coach will help you decide how you want to think about food and the role you want food to play in your life so you can create a relationship with food that actually serves you.

Food freedom IS possible, and the secret is in your mindset 🙌🏻

5. A life coach will believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself, and help you cultivate the self-love and self-compassion necessary to make lasting change to your life.

Bottom line: dieting and restricting yourself because you hate your body doesn’t work. But we live in a culture where this diet mentality has been the norm for so long that it can be damn hard to break free. That’s why it’s so important to have someone cheering you on, believing in you no matter what, and guiding you to continue choosing self-love each and every day.

Want to take this work to the next level?

Schedule your free 20 minute mini session and experience first hand what it’s like to get coached in a way that will help you uncover where you’re stuck, gain clarity on your limiting beliefs, and finally move forward toward achieving your goals!


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