Let me get real with you for a moment. There are literally thousands of nutrition programs, cleanses, and diets available on the market today. Perhaps you’ve tried one, or several? Perhaps at some point one of them has even worked for you?

I’m not knocking these options (not the safe ones anyway!) – sometimes a specific program or diet can be very powerful, and in fact, I offer my own unique holistic nutrition program, Nourish Play Love, to clients who are interested in the structure and support of group coaching.

But sometimes, one size fits all programs and diets just don’t cut it.

Sometimes, what’s working for everyone else just doesn’t work for you.

Sometimes, you need one-on-one support and an individualized plan that’s tailored to your unique physiology, health concerns, preferences, and goals.

This is exactly why I offer one-on-one functional nutrition counseling!

How is functional nutrition counseling different?

My functional nutrition counseling helps you take a deep look at exactly what’s going on in your body so that you can better understand your own physiology, and how the functioning (or malfunctioning) of each system in your body impacts the next.

The focus of my functional nutrition counseling with each client is to identify and address the root cause of any symptoms currently experienced, and to correct underlying imbalances so that the body may return to optimal function.  Rather than band-aiding symptoms with medications, I use food as medicine to heal the body from the inside out, while addressing any other lifestyle factors which contribute to clinical imbalances.

Unlike in the conventional medical model, in my practice of functional nutrition counseling, each client I work with is viewed as a whole person rather than a set of symptoms or a specific diagnosis. It is always my aim to understand you as a unique individual and to meet you exactly where you are on your health journey!

Functional Nutrition Counseling Includes:

Detailed intake and mapping session

Lab review (to help you gain a deeper understanding of what your test results mean for your health)

Customized nutrition plan, including supplement recommendations as needed

Follow up support to assess progress and adjust plans as needed


Functional nutrition counseling isn’t for everyone.

If you are only looking to lose a few pounds, or “tone up,” or if you are more interested in quick fix solutions that do not address the underlying imbalances causing your health issues, it likely won’t be a good solution for you.

But if you are ready to feel better than you have in years, to not waste another day feeling like crap, it’s time to schedule your consultation with me today!

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