Hey there sunshine! Today I want to share a short and sweet blog with you on 3 simple things you can do (ahem, do them now, today!) to start improving your health and get to feeling better!

These take very little effort and planning, but I promise you will notice a difference. You might just gain a little pep in your step! (That’s what the cool kids are saying, right? No? Oh well . . . )

Anyway, ready? Go!

Drink a big glass of water. 

Most of us are chronically dehydrated. But adequate water intake helps our bodies function at their best. Proper hydration boosts the metabolism, enhances digestion and detoxification, and can improve mood and help to eliminate headaches and migraines. So go drink some water already!

Add a serving of veggies to one meal.

We can never eat too many veggies! With this simple step, you’ll be boosting your fiber intake, as well as intake of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients to support enhanced vitality. Veggies also contain water to help you hydrate further, and may help to “crowd out” junk foods that deteriorate health. Pick a meal and make it your goal to eat those veggies!

Unplug and go outside. 

Take just 5 minutes to disconnect from technology and head outside. Sunshine allows for vitamin D production, but it also feels damn good. There’s nothing like fresh air and the great outdoors to give you a little boost in energy and mood! Plus, disconnecting from technology will give your eyes a break from the screen and allow you to recenter your thoughts and attention away from distractions (perhaps take this time for a quick gratitude practice by making a mental note of one or two things you are grateful for). 

That’s it! Like I promised, quick and simple 🙂 Give these a try and let me know how you feel!