Even if you live under a rock (which I think it’s safe to assume you don’t if you’re reading this), you probably understand that the study and practice of nutrition has to do with the foods that you put in your body and how those foods provide your body with nourishment.

I love nutrition. I love this concept of figuring out how to best nourish the body. And I love that, despite the physiology and biology involved, nutrition is just as much an art as it is a science.

In the clinical world, functional nutrition is a timely expansion of this art and science, and goes beyond simply nourishing the body to use food as medicine in order to treat and heal the body. Specifically, functional nutrition is evidence based, integrative and comprehensive, and seeks to identify and correct the root causes of any sort of dis-ease or imbalance within the body.

If I love nutrition, I really love functional nutrition! Functional nutrition allows me to view my clients as whole individuals with varying needs and preferences, rather than a set of symptoms or diagnoses. It allows me to work with my clients to understand how and why they are where they are with their health, and to be a partner and collaborator in their health rather than a rigid and impractical health dictator.

And most of all, functional nutrition allows me to be curious and creative with my clients. Because in functional nutrition, there is no-one-size-fits-all solution. What works best for my body may not work best for your body, and that’s okay!

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