As a health coach, I can’t tell you how many times a day I hear various people say something along the lines of “well health coaching sounds great, but I’m healthy so I really don’t need it right now.” And, in Western culture, I really can’t fault people for having this view. Treating illnesses as they appear is the standard in Western medicine, and this approach has worked successfully in the past century for infectious diseases and acute traumas alike. Currently, it is highly accepted practice to treat chronic illnesses in the very same way. Take a drug, control your symptoms, problem solved, right? Not so much. One of the biggest faults in this approach is the mindset that health is merely the absence of disease. However, humans do not go from being healthy to being sick overnight. It is important to recognize that just as disease can become increasing more severe, one’s health and vitality can also be enriched and invigorated. Many factors, most of which are modifiable through changes in lifestyle and environment, contribute to where we might find ourselves in what we can visualize to be a continuum of health.

health is a continuum


Enter the coach approach. I believe that anyone can benefit from health coaching. I myself employ multiple coaches to aid me in my efforts towards enhanced health and vitality. Why? Let me list the top reasons why I trust in the coach approach:

  1. Support and encouragement. Even the most put-together people still struggle with something. The bottom line is, we aren’t perfect, we are human. It is amazingly helpful to have support in the areas that you may be struggling with!
  2. Collaboration. Often times, when we work together, we have more innovative, creative, and effective ideas. Different people have different backgrounds and perspectives, and a coach may shed light on ideas that you haven’t considered before. More importantly, collaboration means working towards a common goal (a healthier you!) while honoring your individual needs and wishes.
  3. Finding art in the science. Contrary to how it may seem, health is not an exact science. Each individual is unique and therefore responds uniquely to various stimuli. A good coach will understand this concept and help you to discover your own perfect healthy balance.
  4. Specialization. Just as we aren’t perfect, we also do not know everything. Coaches can help us in the aspects of our health that we may not be so knowledgable about. Keep in mind, health is not just physical, but also mental, spiritual, and emotional!

This is not an exhaustive list, of course, but a great overview of why, even in the absence of bothersome symptoms or specific diagnoses, health coaching has great value! Above all, consider your current state of health, and know that there is always room for improvement. The goal in life should not simply be to exist, but rather to thrive, and this is achieved when we feel our very best, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.