I don’t know if anyone else frequents Chipotle as much as I do, but I love that place for several reasons: 1) It’s delicious, 2) I can find healthy options that make me feel good, 3) the company is reasonably responsible with its choices of animal products (in terms of being healthy and humane đŸ™‚ ) and 4) more recently, they have been printing awesome quotes on their to-go bags. Just the other night I was at Chipotle, picking up my usual chicken salad, when the quote on my to-go bag caught my eye.

chipotle bag quote

It is important for me to say that I had never seen this particular quote on my bag before and I was curious as to the meaning since the other Chipotle bag quotes I had already encountered were seemingly more impactful. I turned the bag around to read the story, and, in short, Aziz was making a point as to how ridiculous it is to waste time overthinking when we could be out doing. He asserts, “I’ve never been disappointed in a toothbrush. Why waste my time trying to find the best? Have you ever run into someone with no teeth and asked, ‘What happened?’ And they replied, ‘Bought the wrong toothbrush. Should have done more research.'”

Yes, this is a silly blurb off of a to-go bag. And yes, it did its job and got me thinking!

I will admit, I am chronically indecisive! I love to overthink my actions and decisions, spend way too much time planning, and very frequently change my mind. But why?

When it comes down to it, indecision is a paralyzing form of self-sabotage. I think it is one that many of us struggle with, and something that can surely be remedied through self-awareness and practice. The core of indecision is the fear that I will choose wrong. And moreover, if I do choose wrong, what impact will that have on my life?

The struggle to be decisive is due to fear: we are afraid of missing out on something better, something more fun, more effective, more beneficial, and more rewarding. The what if can often keep us from deciding and committing to one particular decision, and in the end, we miss out on all possible outcomes!

If you are like me, and you find that being indecisive is a habit that may hold you back, I challenge you to join me in a few simple mindset adjustments:

  • There is no decision that cannot be undone.
  • Many decisions are not quite important as I’m making them out to be.
  • Less time spent deciding equals more time enjoying the outcomes of my decision.

Putting these thoughts into practice, even with very trivial decisions to start, is a great way to work on being more decisive in our decisions, which allows us to be more confident and happy with our place in life. After all, how to most of us want to be remembered? It is surely not for the moments we spent agonizing over decisions! Rather our legacy lies in our actions; it’s time to make confident decisions and let them lead us to happiness!