I’ve been feeling pretty motivated lately: not just the past few days, but for a while. I’ve been feeling like I’m on the edge of something great. Big changes are coming. I’m moving from Denver to San Diego. I’m starting this blog. I’m sure there’s much in store for me that I don’t even know of yet. But I have to say, change is terrifying. Today my mom asked me, in reference to the move I’m about to make across country with only my dog to keep me company, “How nervous are you and how excited are you?” I’d have to say I’m about 75% nervous and 25% excited. Maybe it’s because I don’t adapt to change well that I’m not feeling more excited. But change is hard. Taking chances is hard. My mom also told me (not recently but it really stuck) that nothing is permanent. Pick a path. Maybe you are focusing on an area of study or a career, working on a new lifestyle, or making a big move to a new place; regardless, the important thing is to go toward your dreams, and if in the future your dreams change, that is fine. You can always change your mind. You can always go in a different direction. So here I am. I like to quote Henry David Thoreau: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.” Well, I’m not feeling very confident right now, but I’m going.

I’m on a new adventure. I really hope that you will be inspired to take an adventure as well. I’m not saying you have to uproot yourself or do anything drastic. Maybe just try something new. Step slightly out of your comfort zone. Make a change, big or small, in mindset or lifestyle. Change typically brings new challenges that foster personal growth, which is both necessary and rewarding. I’m getting excited now. It’s time to make it happen!

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