Local to San Diego? Why not join Micki in person? Check out the upcoming events below!

Upcoming Events

Yoga for Weight Loss

Join me for a free hour of vinyasa flow yoga in the park. Afterwards we will discuss nutritional strategies to support long-term health and weight management. This event is held weekly on Wednesdays, and all levels are welcome. Please bring your own mat or blanket to practice on ūüôā

  • When:¬†Wednesdays 6pm – 8pm
  • Where: Bird Park, San Diego¬†
  • Additional details¬†here¬†

Previous Events

Learn to Navigate the Grocery Store

The food we buy and bring into our homes has a HUGE impact on what we actually end up eating. And of course, what we eat determines our health. So let’s kick things off with a grocery store tour. We’ll discuss how to plan and shop for healthier options, and set ourselves up for success in the kitchen!

  • When: 4/17/16 from 11am-noon
  • Where: Von’s (4145 30th Street, San Diego, CA)
  • Additional details here


Wheel of Health Workshop!

Weight loss and healthy living are not just about nutrition and exercise. In fact, often times the other aspects of our lives play a very important role in how we are able to manage our health. For this meet up, I’ll be leading a series of exercises to help you gain insight into your personal wheel of health (i.e. the various influences that play into your overall well-being) and focus on setting health goals that address the most important points on the wheel.

  • When: Saturday, 5/22/16 at 2pm
  • Where: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (9343 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA)