What People Are Saying About Micki


If you want a true transformation when it comes to your nutrition and lifestyle, Micki is the single person you want and need in your corner.

Erin Smith

To say Micki is my nutritionist is a vast understatement. She’s so much more. Instead of merely handing over paperwork to tell you what to do, she addresses the problems underneath. Micki works with your lifestyle to find the best path for you to better your nutrition for the future. She will also hold you accountable and will bust you if you don’t hold up your end of the bargain. Over the past 5 months, Micki has become my friend, my nutritional spirit guide, and practically my life coach. I’m forever grateful for all the positive changes she’s made in my life.

Amanda Daniels

Micki is thorough, knowledgeable and professional. If you want long term solutions to your health and wellness goals, she is the best person to help you on your journey!

Mariel Frew

What People Are Saying About Functional Nutrition


Functional nutrition therapy is not your grandmother’s nutrition. It’s not about making generic statements about ‘balance, variety or moderation’ nor is it a myopic view on just grams of protein, fat and carbs. A ‘generally healthy diet’ will not hit the mark; rarely to never will it address optimal functionality since nutrient guidelines are designed to prevent overt deficiencies; not to ensure optimal metabolism. Being your best self and having best health requires a more holistic and comprehensive approach.

Doug Cook, RD

Functional nutrition is a dynamic process, which involves refinement of diet and lifestyle, to restore optimal health. It is a conversation that we have with our bodies, where an intervention is given, and then we listen to the body to see what it says back. If we like what we hear, we keep on doing that. If we don’t, then we make adjustments.

Josh Gitalis